The day you start showing a little bump or post a picture of your sonogram on Facebook, you will be bombarded with calls and emails from colleagues and relatives congratulating you on your new journey, posts filled with advice on parenting, suggestions and invites to pages helping struggling new mommies and daddies crowded with tips from an experienced group of middle-aged women and grannies who will have stories to tell about their first-born.

Terry towel nappies  

But the truth of the matter, is, no matter how well anyone prepares you for the oncoming voyage, and no matter how many training sessions you take as a couple, you will never be fully prepared for one; the unimaginable joy they bring into your lives, and second; the mess.

True, there is no joy bigger than holding your child in your arms for the first time. Yes, the feeling is inimitable and unforgettable, especially for dads who have witnessed the beautiful yet bloodiest act happening in front of them that will be enshrined in their mind and hearts forever.

But why does no one talk about the mess they bring along? Why does no one tell you that those tiny humans will be burping milk without any visible warnings or pooping the very next minute you changed the nappy!

My advice: organization is key. When investing, always remember to buy nappies, bibs and wipes in bulk. There are no such things as “enough” nappies for a week. Take it from someone who thought she had “enough” for a week and ended up sending her hubby on a ‘nappy quest’ on the fifth day, who obviously didn’t bring the ones requested. His only excuse: “they all looked the same”. But let’s not get carried away by the things what my husband does wrong as it would require a website altogether. Let’s talk about the other advantages buying nappies in bulk bring along.

  • 1. When purchased in bulk, they will add up to be cheaper, allowing you a free hand to buy even the most expensive and best brands at a lesser rate than that at a retail store.
  • 2. You will never run out of them. An average baby uses 2,500+ diapers in his first year – just a rough estimation if your baby changes 7 diapers a day.
  • 3. You will have money saved for more important items like a clothes organizer, diaper disposal, changing stations, cots, prams, etc.
  • 4. Most importantly, buying in bulk will allow you the peace of mind you have long been wanting when you know you are all stocked up with diapers and will no longer be haunted by diaper-related nightmares.

Now that we are on the topic of nappies, why leave out one important question before concluding this blog post: disposable nappies or reusable terry nappies?

I personally prefer reusable terry nappies for my children due to three major reasons. First, I have always been an eco-enthusiast, and disposable nappies have in them an absorbent gel that doesn’t rot over time or biodegrade. Secondly, using reusable nappies saves you both money and time, if, of course,

you are up for the “wash job”. Thirdly, synthetic nappies are known to cause skin rashes, allergies and other infections in babies, which is not something you would want your kid to suffer from. At Babycareplus, we understand your struggle, which is why we have dedicated a separate section to cater your baby’s changing needs. Featuring the best baby brands, we aim to deliver the finest quality at budget-friendly prices. Our extensive portfolio includes many top baby-care names and has everything your baby needs from day one.